The place and time of a tick bite must be clear for an accident at work

The place and time of a tick bite must be clear for an accident at work

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OVG Münster: The police officer did not provide evidence
If a police officer suffers a tick bite, he must be able to assign the blood-sucking attack's location and time to be recognized as an official accident. An official accident could only have occurred if the official proves that the tick bite was suffered during the service, ruled on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) North Rhine-Westphalia in Münster (Az .: 3 A 2748/15).

The complaining police officer did not provide this proof. The man had been assigned to night duty on September 14, 2013. Before his shift, he took a shower without noticing anything special about his body. During his work, he witnessed a car coming off the road and stopping in a densely vegetated area.

The policeman rushed to the driver's aid and stayed longer in the area. When he showered after the end of the shift, he noticed a thickening in the rear coccyx area. It was only four days later that he discovered a tick.

The parasite is notorious for not only transmitting the viruses responsible for meningitis, the so-called early summer meningoencephalitis. So-called borreliosis bacteria can also get into humans with the tick bite and lead to numerous symptoms such as fever, heart problems or inflammation of the joints in the late stage of borreliosis.

The police officer therefore wanted the tick bite to be recognized as an accident at work.

However, in order to be recognized as an accident at work, it must be clear that the tick bite was actually suffered while on duty, the OVG ruled. Here the tick bite is “not determinable in time and place”. The police officer may have suffered this before or after duty. Recognition as an accident at work is therefore not possible. fle

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