Will is decisive: Almost every second smoker wants to stay away from cigarettes

Almost every second smoker wants to quit
Every year, around seven million deaths from smoking are recorded worldwide. Although the health hazards are known, roughly every third person in Germany also uses a cigarette. Almost half of them want to quit smoking, according to a recent survey. Expert tips can help to implement the good intentions.

Smoking favors many serious illnesses
Smoking is dangerous for your health. Tobacco consumption favors twelve types of cancer such as lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and colon cancer, cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke, diabetes, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD (smoking lung). Scientific studies have shown that stopping smoking early can live many years longer. Almost half of German smokers plan to keep their hands off cigarettes.

Almost every second smoker is enough
A representative opinion poll commissioned by the ABDA - Federal Association of German Pharmacist Associations - has shown that 44 percent of smokers are planning to say goodbye to the smoldering stink.

According to a message, young women are at the forefront: 53 percent of women want to stop smoking, but only 37 percent of men.

The younger a smoker is, the more likely they are to stop smoking: 49 percent of people up to the age of 29, but only 41 percent of those over 65 want to stay away from cigarettes.

The infas Institute for Applied Social Science interviewed 3,415 Germans aged 16 and over by telephone.

Tips for quitting
But how do they stop?

In order to get out of addiction, you definitely need a firm will.

ABDA President Friedemann Schmidt also sees it this way: "The will is crucial to quit smoking."

He added: “But especially in the early days, many still need support so that they don't relapse again. The pharmacies close to home are involved in prevention and also help to stop smoking permanently. ”

Experts recommend looking for a stress-free time to quit. If you have problems with your partner or at work, it is more difficult to avoid cigarettes.

It also makes sense to inform friends and relatives and, if necessary, ask them not to smoke in their presence.

It is usually advised to stop completely, because each additional cigarette stimulates the addiction memory anew. Scientific studies have also shown that cold withdrawal is the best way to stop smoking.

Nicotine patches can make the transition easier, but they are not a permanent solution because they keep the ex-smoker physically dependent.

According to studies, e-cigarettes do not help smokers quit.

Smoking is the least in Hesse
According to the ABDA, around 28 percent of Germans smoke, with only 11 percent of people over 65 smoking. In the age group from 16 to 29 years, however, it is 38 percent.

In this age group, however, occasional smoking, for example at parties, is more common than among the elderly.

Smoking is the most common in North Rhine-Westphalia. 33 percent of people aged 16 and over smoke there. 41 percent want to quit. There are very few smokers in Hessen, only 21 percent of the residents smoke here. 60 percent of them plan to stop smoking. (ad)

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