Individual therapies for polyneuropathy

Individual therapies for polyneuropathy

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Polyneuropathy: Individual therapy leads to success
Nerve pain, sensations, restless legs at night and the inability to walk or stand normally - those who suffer from polyneuropathy often have to limit themselves in everyday life. Polyneuropathy is the gradual breakdown of the peripheral nerves from the ends. Inflammatory processes are often involved. The causes are many.

The disease is particularly common among diabetics. Exposure to toxic substances also appears to play an important role. From a conventional medical point of view, there is no therapy that can be used to reverse or stop polyneuropathy. Experience with Chinese medicine shows the opposite.

There is no one cause of polyneuropathy, rather it is a disease that often involves several factors. Every single factor has a potential for damage. If the total reaches a critical value, the disease breaks out. "The most well-known causes include diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption, pathological protein deposits, toxins and medication, as well as inflammation and immune disorders," explains the chief physician at the Clinic at Steigerwald Dr. Christian Schmincke.

Because the disease has individual reasons for each patient, personal medical history plays an important role in Chinese medicine. To successfully treat disease symptoms and their causes, Chinese medicine experts spend a lot of time on the medical history of polyneuropathy patients. Illnesses in childhood are included as well as information about sleep and sweating behavior, digestive function or emotional state. Using Chinese diagnostics, they recognize even the finest body signals that conventional medicine does not take into account. Pulse and tongue diagnosis help with this.

TCM experts only start treating polyneuropathy when individual causes have been determined. The main treatment method of Chinese medicine for polyneuropathy is Chinese drug therapy. "The formulas consist of medicinal drugs that are designed for individual cases and modified according to the course of therapy," explains Dr. Schmincke. In addition, there are alternative therapeutic methods such as acupuncture, qigong, body therapies and nutritional science. "With this therapeutic mix, the disease process can be stopped or reversed in around 80 percent of patients," adds Dr. Schmincke, who has treated more than 2,500 PNP patients in his clinic so far.

Help for self-help in polyneuropathy
Nutrition: This is often about reducing the "too much". In addition, meat and milk products in moderation, vegetables as the cornerstone of the diet, avoiding a hot breakfast, coffee and alcohol and relieving the metabolism through evening fasting.

Exercise: "Long sitting is the mother of 1000 diseases", but: moderate exercise is better than going beyond your performance limits!

Sleep: Cleansing and regeneration preferably take place during sleep. Sick people in particular need him. Sleeping aids, on the other hand, destroy the sleep architecture. And: unfinished, even emotional, disturb sleep

Self-massage: set mild stimuli, for example with a lentil foot bath. Place uncooked lentils in a tub and gently move your feet. Lenses exert a particularly good touch on the feet.

Bowel movements: check incoming and outgoing goods and leave time, laxatives are only a makeshift.

Dealing with infections: People need respiratory infections as immune training, so you should give your body time to deal with the infection itself.

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