Health: For food and as a home remedy: onions are versatile and extremely healthy

The onion: versatile and very healthy
Onions are very popular with many Germans and are used in many dishes because of their aromatic spiciness. However, the health-promoting effect of the tuber is often underestimated. Onions are considered a proven home remedy for earache and many other complaints.

A particularly healthy type of vegetable
Extremely versatile and very healthy - these properties can be used to describe many types of vegetables. The onion plays a particularly prominent role here. It is used, for example, for earache, cough, runny nose or toothache. The tubers can do much more.

Tuber with health-promoting and healing properties
The Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) writes in a current announcement that there are numerous vitamins and minerals such as potassium and sulfur hidden behind the dry skin of the onion.

It is also the sulfur compounds that give the vegetables the aroma and make us cry when we cut them.

At the same time, they have many health-promoting and healing properties. In naturopathy, one uses the healing properties, whether as syrup, juice, tea or tincture.

Onions have an appetizing effect, regulate the gastrointestinal tract, prevent age-related changes in the blood vessels and much more.

Protection against serious diseases
Because of their anti-inflammatory properties, onions are a proven home remedy for boils and bronchitis and provide first aid for wasp stings and allergic shock.

In addition, regular consumption of raw onions has been shown to reduce the risk of gastric or pancreatic cancer due to the presence of flavonoids.

Other ingredients such as quercetin are even said to protect against heart attacks and strokes.

And researchers from Canada recently reported that red onions can effectively kill cancer cells.

Onions can be stored for a long time
So there are good reasons for integrating onions or kitchen onions into the menu for health reasons too.

When shopping, you should pay attention to quality, that is, firm, dry and shiny goods without green shoots or dark spots, advises the BZfE.

At home it is advisable to keep the onions open in a cool, dark and dry place. Optimally stored, they last up to six months, depending on the variety.

As the BZfE experts explain, the onion does not store starch, but fructans. Since the human intestine is unable to process them, they enter the large intestine undigested and are metabolized there.

This creates gases that owe their smell to the breakdown products of the fructans and sulfur-containing ingredients. Spices like caraway and oregano can help reduce winds. (ad)

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