Long-term research: Get 10 years younger with regular sports

Long-term research: Get 10 years younger with regular sports

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Study: Sport lasts ten years younger

We know more today. Active movement not only keeps healthy, but also heals. Man was not created to be motionless. A long-term study has investigated the question even more intensively.

Awareness of exercise and dealing with one's own health is increasing: if you compare active athletes with non-active people, the active adults are around ten years younger in motor age. This is shown by a current evaluation of the long-term study “Health to participate in”, in which sports scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) investigate the physical activity and health of the citizens in Bad Schönborn.

The scientific longitudinal study "Health to Participate" by the municipality of Bad Schönborn and the KIT, which is unique in Germany, has been running for 25 years. Together with the AOK Middle Upper Rhine and the citizens of the community, they implemented the investigation over this long period of time and recorded and checked health behavior, condition and interest. The current results show:

• If you compare active athletes with non-active people, the active adults are around ten years younger in motor terms.

• Health restrictions inevitably increase with age, but athletes and especially health athletes are affected much less often.

• Less than half of the people examined achieved the current recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) - but the Bad Schönborn people are still above the German average. The proportion of walkers rose from five percent in 1992 to 44 percent in 2015. It is also noticeable that women significantly increase activity in the second half of life, while it decreases significantly in men.

• The number of overweight people in Bad Schönborn has decreased slightly - by four percent - since 1992, but the all-clear cannot be given, according to the experts. 51.4 percent of Bad Schönborn are currently overweight.

The main objectives of the study are: to implement a long-term scientific study on the interrelations between activity, fitness and health and to develop transfer modules for health-oriented health promotion for other communities.

The research concept of "health to participate" is holistic, so that all possible influencing factors on the health of the participants can be recorded and evaluated. This approach makes it possible to determine both social, health and personal as well as environmental causes for the respective fitness and health status and to derive opportunities for improvement in the personal environment.

However, the entire results of the study will only be presented on October 17 at the Institute for Sports and Sports Science on KIT South Campus. We continue to report.

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