New superfood: mushrooms enriched with vitamin D.

Vitamin D enrichment in mushrooms

According to health experts, the vitamin D supply in Germany is insufficient. Mushrooms could possibly help to remedy the deficits. Because according to experts, mushrooms can be enriched with vitamin D and are a kind of "superfood".

Difficult supply of vitamin D in winter

The body needs vitamin D above all for its bone metabolism. However, as scientific studies show time and again, many Germans suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. The important vitamin is usually formed in the body with the help of sun rays. In the cold season, however, this is hardly possible due to the lack of light. Therefore, it is important, especially in the winter months, to take vitamin D through the diet. Mushrooms are suitable for this.

Enrich mushrooms with vitamin D.

According to health experts, it is difficult to meet all vitamin D needs through diet.

However, the important vitamin from food can make a significant contribution to the daily vitamin D intake, especially for people who spend little time in the sun, and can help prevent vitamin D deficiency, especially in winter.

Like Prof. Dr. Martin Rühl from the University of Gießen told the 69th annual conference of the Federation of German Mushroom and Mushroom Cultivators (BDC) in Darmstadt that forest mushrooms in particular contain a lot of vitamin D.

Unlike the wild mushrooms, cultivated mushrooms such as mushrooms contain little vitamin D - but according to the food analyst, this can be enriched.

A kind of superfood

Vitamin D is formed by light in humans and plants, UV radiation is particularly important. This can also be done in the mushroom culture with relatively simple means.

According to Rühl, correspondingly treated mushrooms are already on the market in Great Britain and Ireland.

"In Germany, mushrooms after this treatment are considered" new "in the sense of the food regulation," said Rühl.

However, mushrooms enriched with vitamin D could be a kind of superfood - and thus hit the nerve of the times. (ad)

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