Tampon causing amputations - woman also lost her second leg

Tampon causing amputations - woman also lost her second leg

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The young model has to be amputated because of the tampon

After the Lauren Wasser model suffered a toxic shock syndrome triggered by a tampon about five years ago, her right leg had to be amputated down the knee. Now the amputation of the left lower leg is obviously also necessary. Cases of toxic shock syndrome have been reported time and again in recent years, sometimes even fatally. But the risk is still often underestimated, warns 29-year-old Lauren Wasser.

Until October 2012, Lauren Wasser was a successful model who worked for “Vogue” among others. However, her life changed suddenly after she suffered a life-threatening Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) due to a tampon. Her life was barely saved and amputation of her right lower leg was required. Now, according to the young woman, her left leg must also be amputated.

Life-threatening bacterial infection

In autumn 2012, the model suddenly felt uncomfortable and her condition deteriorated rapidly until she was finally found face down on the bedroom floor. The emergency room to a clinic followed. The patient had a very high fever and already had a severe heart attack. In the face of impending organ failure, she was put into an artificial coma. Doctors diagnosed TSS, a bacterial infection caused by a tampon. The patient's right leg, suffering from gangrene, had to be amputated from the knee downwards, but the doctors could save her life.

Wrong material and lack of clarification

At the time, Wasser told the magazine "Vice" that she would never have used a tampon if she had been fully aware of the risk of TSS. She blames the wrong tampon material and lack of information to ensure that thousands of women suffer a TSS every year. “The problem has been known for 30 years. At that time there was a real TSS epidemic in the country, and many processes. But the hygiene industry didn't do anything about it, ”accused her lawyer, Hunter J. Shkolnik, in 2015.

Not to save the left leg either

In a recent guest article in the fashion magazine "InStyle", Lauren Wasser now reports that she will lose her left leg in a few months. There is no way around an amputation. The doctors had advised her to do such an amputation five years ago, but she wanted to fight. "The doctors told me that there is a 50-50 chance of saving my leg"; writes water. However, the damage was extremely serious and her toes and part of the heel had to be amputated. An open ulcer developed on her foot and she suffers from horrific pain every day that makes it almost unbearable to walk, the young model continues.

Is the risk downplayed?

Lauren Wasser wants to encourage other women with the open reports about her illness and to inform about the often underestimated risk. Every time she turns on the television, she gets angry, according to Wasser. Because "in the advertising clips for tampons you can only ever see young, happy girls running along the beach in bikinis" and "the dangers are totally downplayed", emphasizes the 29-year-old in her guest post.

Warning not enough

An indication of the risk of toxic shock syndrome is mandatory on German tampon packaging today, but this does not offer any real protection, according to the young model. She is also in favor of changing the materials, since tampons made of 100 percent cotton would pose a significantly lower risk. However, a large part of the producers rely on a mix of viscose fiber and cotton or on pure viscose. (fp)

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