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Deodorant, also called deodorant for short, has largely established itself in the modern industrialized countries as a care product against unpleasant body odors. Deodorant is mainly applied in the armpit, where it takes on various tasks. This includes covering odors with fragrances, controlling the microorganisms involved in odor formation with the help of antimicrobial substances and, if necessary, restricting sweat gland activity through so-called antiperspirants.

The forerunners of today's deodorant were known several thousand years ago in ancient Egypt, China and ancient Greece. Today's deodorants are available in the form of sprays, pump sprays, rollers or pens. Some deodorants have come under criticism due to the use of harmful and environmentally harmful ingredients. For example, some deodorant products are suspected of causing allergies and skin rashes or increasing the risk of cancer through aluminum compounds. (vb)

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