Diabetics are people who have some form of diabetes. As a diabetic, you have to restructure your everyday life step by step, since many factors of everyday life can influence the course of the disease. In addition to regular checks of the blood sugar level and, if necessary, the injection of insulin, special attention to nutrition is part of the daily routine for diabetics. In addition, a generally good knowledge of diabetes is important for those affected, since they have to react correctly in emergency situations, such as severe hypoglycaemia. Diabetics often have a higher psychological burden, which can be expressed in anxiety and depression.

Since doctors cannot look after diabetics around the clock, those affected are often on their own and have to learn to deal with the disease themselves. Training and practical training with a focus on plasma glucose adjustment, a balanced diet, addictive behavior, increased physical activity and stress management strategies can help diabetics to deal with the disease. (vb)

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