Parental allowance

Parental allowance

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Parental allowance is a social service that is supposed to compensate for the lack of income when parents look after their child after birth. Parental allowance is one of the most valued family benefits in Germany, as it ensures the family's economic existence and helps parents to better combine family and work. Parental allowance can be claimed by both the mother and the child's father. If both parents receive the parental allowance, the additional regulations from the ElterngeldPlus apply.

If both parents claim parental allowance, they can receive a total of up to 14 months of benefits that they can divide up freely, for example, the mother receives nine months of parental allowance and the father five. If only one parent receives parental allowance, this benefit can be used for up to twelve months. The parental allowance can be applied for at the parental allowance office responsible for the respective city. The amount paid out is 65 percent of the net income of the caring parent, but at least 300 euros and at most 1800 euros. (vb)

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