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Chlorine - an element of the periodic table

Chlorine is one of the chemical elements of the periodic table. Together with fluorine, bromine, iodine and astatine, chlorine forms the group of halogens. Elemental chlorine does not exist in nature. As a rule, compounds are included, which include the chlorides. The most well-known representative of the chlorides is the table salt, which is an integral part of our everyday life and among other things controls the body's water balance.

What is chlorine used for?

Chlorine also plays a major role as a disinfectant, as it is highly reactive and can quickly decompose germs. This is why chlorine is used in various cleaners, for example to kill molds, in bathing establishments, swimming pools and even in tap water to protect the water from pathogens. Too high chlorine concentrations are toxic to the body. The chlorine dissolved in the water is also suspected of increasing the risk of asthma and allergies to the respiratory tract. (vb)

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