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FDM - fascia distortion model

The acronym FDM means the fascia distortion model, a relatively new way of treating and diagnosing complaints from the field of manual therapy. FDM is based on the work of the US osteopath and emergency physician Dr. Stephen Typaldos. Contrary to classic diagnostics, the FDM does not make the diagnosis based on the findings of anatomy or physiology, but on the information and the body language of the patient. Typaldos developed the fascia distortion model because he recognized recurring patterns in the symptoms of his patients.

The six distortions

FDM is a model that classifies all types of symptoms of manual therapy into six categories, the so-called “distortions”. Decisive for the choice of the distortion are the way in which the patient formulates his complaints as well as his body language. The individual distortions are not detailed techniques, but rather guiding principles. Many sufferers who were treated with the principles of the FDM report positive results. The theory and effectiveness are controversial, however, as there are currently no scientifically reliable studies on the FDM. (vb)

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