Chemotherapy-induced constipation: ear acupuncture helps

Ear acupuncture can solve constipation
Constipation is a common side effect of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients. A recent study shows that the opstipation can be solved by ear acupressure.

In the study, a Korean team of scientists investigated to what extent ear acupressure can relieve constipation symptoms of breast cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and improve their quality of life.

For this purpose, 56 patients were randomly divided into two groups of equal size. The verum group received an ear acupressure for six weeks, with the first three weeks falling into a chemotherapy treatment cycle. The other group received standard accompaniment.

For the treatment of the verum group, seeds of the cow's herb (vaccaria) were fixed at the seven ear acupressure points of the large intestine, rectum, San Jiao, spleen, lung, vegetative and subcortex and pressed until the patient felt a slight pain.

In the following days, the women should manually stimulate the respective regions three to four times a day. The seeds were removed after five days. Two days without treatment followed until the next acupressure treatment.

The constipation assessment scale (CAS) and Bristol Stool Form (BSF) were used to determine the degree of constipation and its impairment of quality of life for all study participants using the Patient Assessment of Constipation-Quality of Life (PAC-QOL).

It was shown that after only three weeks of ear acupressure, the patients had significantly fewer constipation symptoms (CAS) and better stool quality (BSF). You also rated your quality of life more positively (PAC-QOL) than the control group. After six weeks, all values ​​were also better. In contrast, the values ​​in the control group improved only slightly. Source: Carstens Foundation. You can find the study here.

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