Fast food

Fast food

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What is fast food?

Fast food includes dishes that are sold in takeaways or fast food chains. In most cases, fast food dishes are high in fat, salt and sugar. Due to the many flavors in fast food and the quick availability, the dishes are popular with a large part of the population. To warm up the dishes, they are often fried, which makes the products even more calorie-rich. Classic fast food dishes are, for example, burgers, fries, hot dogs, kebabs and fried or currywurst.

How does fast food affect health?

Due to the high fat and calorie content paired with the fast food typical of fast food, frequent fast food consumption can cause or promote a number of health problems. These include, for example, obesity, diabetes, metabolic problems and strain on the liver and kidneys. Furthermore, fast food strains our body like a permanent bacterial infection and is suspected of promoting allergies due to preservatives, depression and poor memory. (vb)

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