Vitamin bombs: currants are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals

Vitamin bombs: currants are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals

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Currants: The vitamin C stars among the berries

For many Germans, currants are one of the best summer foods. They are the vitamin C stars among the berries, especially the black currant. The berries also contain many healthy minerals. Before consumption, they should always be properly cleaned and stored.

Delicious and healthy

Currants are delicious. The little berries are sour and healthy. Among other things, they contain a lot of vitamin C, which, in conjunction with the phenolic acids and flavonoids also contained in currants, also prevent the build-up of cholesterol on the arterial walls and thus reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Since the fruits are also rich in various minerals, currants are used in naturopathy as a home remedy for iron deficiency. Experts explain what else is in the delicious berries.

Taste from rather sweet to very sour

Currants are an absolutely healthy pleasure, whether black, red, pink or white. Personal taste decides which color is preferred. From rather sweet or mildly sour to very sour and tart, everything is included.

The red currant Ribes rubrum and the black currant Ribes nigrum are particularly tasty.

The varieties with pink, pale yellow and white fruits also belong to the red currant. They only lack the plant pigment anthocyanin, which is present in the red varieties, explains the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE).

The smooth fruits, which are around five to ten millimeters in size, sit together in bunches of up to 15 each; with black currant there are few to single berries.

As the BZfE explains, the fruits are "real" berries, which means that the seeds are embedded in the juicy flesh. This can be clearly seen in the white varieties, whose skin is almost translucent.

The most nutritionally valuable berry fruit

Currants are rich in fruit acids such as citric and malic acid. They also have lots of fiber, minerals and vitamins - especially black currant.

According to the experts, it is even the most nutritionally valuable berry fruit - a real domestic superfood.

With 177 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams, it has five times the amount compared to red currant, with vitamin A it is almost four times as much. The mineral content is also significantly higher, including potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.

The same applies to the content of sugars, fruit acids and fiber. Because the content of anthocyanins is ten times, the fruits are so dark black-purple.

The two types also differ in taste. While the pink and white varieties taste mildly sour to sweet, the red ones are sour to sour and the black ones are mainly bitter and - depending on the variety - more or less aromatic.

Versatile to use

Both the red and the black currants are very suitable for fresh consumption, even if many people do not like the tart taste of the black fruits.

But it is worth trying again and again. There are sometimes clear differences between the varieties and newer varieties have improved taste.

Currants are very versatile in the kitchen. Fully ripe red, pink or white fruits can simply be enjoyed pure. They are also often processed into juice, syrup, jam, jelly, red groats, ice cream or sorbet.

They are also excellent as a cake topping or in a fruit salad as well as for the rum pot. Most people know the black currant rather processed, especially as juice, syrup, jelly, mixed jams or as a liquor "Cassis".

The BZfE has another tip ready: The fruits of both types have a relatively firm outer skin, so they can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days.

You should check them again before washing and sort out mushy fruits if necessary. It is best to wash the whole grapes and then strip off the individual fruits with a fork if necessary. (ad)

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