Sweaty foot plant: Smelling child plant of the month of June

Sweaty foot plant: Smelling child plant of the month of June

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At first it is rather inconspicuous, but it is all the more surprising on the nose: the sweaty foot plant provides variety in the fragrant plant bed.

A delicate lavender scent flatters the nose and mixes with that of roses and fresh mint. The thoughts float away with the scent, screw themselves up into the sky to cloud seven. But suddenly a bad smell destroys the sweet dreams. Sweaty feet! Disgusting.

Nobody expects this smell if he sniffs different plants with curiosity. They are more known for offering pleasant fragrance experiences. Not so the sweaty foot plant, which rightly bears its name. Their otherwise inconspicuous flowers exude the strange smell from around May to July.

This is often not mentioned at all in seed and plant catalogs and the plant is embellished with its second name »Goldbaldrian«. At most a cautious »unusual fragrance« can be found in English catalogs. Apparently, the smell is not a selling point. Which is a shame, because that is what makes the plant interesting. Children will surely come up with a lot of pranks that can be played with this plant by others. Reason enough to present them here as the children's plant of the month for June.

If you want to bring the surprising little plant into your garden, you only need a little gardening skill. Goldbaldrian is satisfied with normal garden soil and grows in both sunny and partially shaded places. (Anne Staeves, aid)

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