Frequent dizziness can be fatal

Frequent dizziness can be fatal

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New study: dizziness can be fatal
Dizziness is one of the most common symptoms in medicine. There are different forms of dizziness as well as different causes for it. Symptoms are often no longer taken seriously, but according to a new study, dizziness could also increase the risk of death.

Dizziness can manifest itself in different ways
Dizziness is common and can manifest itself in very different ways. For example, those affected by spinning dizziness have the feeling that something is rotating in them or that the environment is circling around them. With staggering dizziness, on the other hand, it feels as if you are swaying or moving around. And lift dizziness goes hand in hand with the feeling of the up and down movement of the environment, as is known from trips with elevators. In addition to the perceptions described, there is often a tendency to fall in one direction, tremors in the eyes and a number of vegetative symptoms, such as nausea, sweating or palpitations.

Always take frequent dizziness seriously
There may be physical reasons for this, but there are also psychological causes for dizziness. For example, it can be triggered by anxiety disorders. Dizziness can also be a sign of a stroke. Doctors therefore always warn that frequent dizziness must always be taken seriously. A new study by American scientists is now showing just how important this is. The researchers found that people who suffer from dizziness often die earlier.

Falls from imbalance
For the study by ENT specialists Eduardo Corrales and Neil Bhattacharyya from Harvard Medical School in Boston, the data of over 210 million Americans who participated in the National Health Interview Survey in 2008 were searched. The aim of the doctors was to find out possible connections between dizziness attacks and an increased risk of death. It is known that many older people in particular die as a result of falls, which are often caused by balance disorders. The scientists reported on their results in the specialist magazine "The Laryngoscope".

Higher risk of dying from vertigo patients
It was shown that patients who had dizziness at the beginning of the survey died after nine years about five percent. However, it was only 2.6 percent among the vertigo-free patients. The scientists then included other variables in their calculations, including diagnoses of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. But even after taking these factors into account, the doctors found that a weakened but independent influence of dizziness symptoms on mortality was demonstrable. Accordingly, the risk of dying for vertigo patients was still 70 percent higher than the risk of vertigo.

One of the main causes of death
The researchers point out that the nine percent mortality rate associated with vertigo over a five-year period is similar to that of the four leading causes of death in the United States. These are circulatory disorders in the brain such as stroke (18.7 percent), cancer (11.6 percent), cardiovascular diseases (10.5 percent) and diabetes mellitus (9.8 percent). Otolaryngologists therefore consider it appropriate to give dizziness a greater role in health care. If the causes are identified early and treated, this can possibly prevent an earlier death. Depending on the trigger, different treatment options are then possible. (ad)

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