Water in the legs: does it help to drink less?

Water in the legs: does it help to drink less?

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Water retention during pregnancy: does drinking less really help?
Especially in pregnant women, edema, also known as swollen legs or water in the legs, is very common. People are sometimes advised to drink less and reduce salt consumption. But does that really help?

Water retention during pregnancy
Many expectant mothers get water retention in their legs during pregnancy. These edemas, which are also called "thick legs" or "swollen legs", can be observed quite often during pregnancy and, according to the professional association of gynecologists (BVF), "occur in 80 percent of pregnant women in the last third of pregnancy". This usually looks very ugly, but above all it is unpleasant. It is said to help drinking less and less salt, because this should help against water retention. But is that really true?

Shower your legs cold every day
BVF President Christian Albring has a clear answer: no way! "Neither helps at all," the expert told the dpa news agency. According to the gynecologist, water retention occurs during pregnancy regardless of drinking and salt intake. It is advisable not to stand for long periods of time, to walk a lot and to move around a lot. In addition, sufferers should put their legs up while sitting and ideally take a cold shower several times a day. As a further natural home remedy for water in the legs, various medicinal plants such as the horse chestnut can help, which is used both internally and externally. (ad)

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