Health: Anyone who is constantly available for work on vacation cannot recover

Health: Anyone who is constantly available for work on vacation cannot recover

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Also switch off: permanent accessibility on vacation is hazardous to health
Those who are very committed and busy at work can often not switch off properly even on vacation. Many of these people live in permanent health-threatening stress. Experts see employers as the main responsibility. Managers should be role models when it comes to health.

Stress on vacation
A vacation should actually make you happy and healthy. But far too many people find it difficult to rest during their non-working days. They are always available, check their emails regularly or even make calls on business. Anyone who is permanently under stress even on vacation is putting their health at risk. The permanent tension can lead to high blood pressure and weaken the immune system. According to Austrian experts, employers could help employees to switch off better on vacation.

Every fourth person cannot recover sufficiently
According to a message from the Upper Austria Chamber of Labor (AK), a quarter of employees in Austria cannot relax enough on vacation. The same number are therefore always available for the company during their vacation time, 14 percent check and answer their e-mails regularly and even make phone calls to customers and their colleagues. Almost every sixth person has to interrupt or even prematurely interrupt their vacation due to work. This is shown by a current evaluation of the Austrian Working Climate Index of the AK Oberösterreich.

Holidays often have to be postponed due to work
Around ten percent of those surveyed indicated that they could not use up their entire annual leave of five or six weeks. For two thirds of this, the high work density is the main reason. According to the information, one in five employees had to postpone a vacation that had already been agreed with the manager in the past two years because the job required it or because the boss wanted it to. It is therefore best for employees to always find out what they should know about vacation entitlement.

Affected people often suffer from sleep disorders
According to the experts, the permanent sacrifice for work - even on vacation - is not a sign of productivity, but an expression of a high frequency of communication. "This constant interruption and the increasing digital presentism, i.e. to be in constant contact with the company via smartphone, hold great dangers that, with years of habit, often result in mental illnesses such as burn-out," said AK President Dr. Johann Kalliauer. In addition, people who work in their free time are more likely to switch off and suffer from sleep disorders more often. "This is why both sides - employers and employees - have to use their resources more responsibly and sensitively," said Dr. Kalliauer.

Responsibility for employers
However, the main responsibility lies with the management staff and the employers. The AK President said: "It is primarily the responsibility of companies and managers to initiate strategies and measures against behavior harmful to health, such as constant accessibility on vacation." Holidays are not always available, everything is read and calls are made all the time, so employees do not have to feel that they are always expected to be available. ”According to health experts, relaxation procedures such as progressive muscle relaxation or yoga can help you get in the mood for a relaxing holiday help. Activities such as beach volleyball, swimming, listening to music or reading are also suitable. (ad)

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