Medical Event: A Woman Has Been Pregnant for 17 Months?

Medical Event: A Woman Has Been Pregnant for 17 Months?

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Baby should come in February 2016: woman should have been pregnant for 17 months
In humans, pregnancy usually lasts around nine months. However, some children come much too early and others take a little longer. According to experts, it is not possible for a baby to remain in the womb for months after the actual birth date. In China, however, a woman claims that she has been pregnant for 17 months.

Chinese woman has been waiting for her baby for 17 months
Although the probable date of birth in humans is usually set 280 days after the first day of the last menstrual period, according to scientific studies, it is not possible to make very precise predictions for birth dates. The duration of pregnancy can therefore vary by over a month. A woman in China now claims that she has been pregnant for 17 months. Experts consider this impossible.

Child should come last year already
According to media reports, a woman from Hunan Province in China claims that she has been carrying a baby for 17 months. According to a report in the People's Daily, Wang Shi said that she was pregnant in February 2015 and, according to her doctors, should have given birth to her in mid-November. But the predicted birth date passed. The doctors had informed the mother-to-be that she was not there yet because the placenta was still underdeveloped.

The unborn child weighs almost four kilos
According to her own statements, the woman has been going to the clinic every week since then. The check-ups alone have so far devoured around 10,000 yuan. Wang is said to have gained around 25 kilos since the beginning of pregnancy. Even in the 14th month of pregnancy, the doctors had not seen any possibility of birth, not even through a caesarean section. The unborn child now weighs 3.8 kilograms. According to her own information, she wants to give birth to her child before the 18th month of pregnancy.

Woman cannot prove long pregnancy
According to a report by Chinese QQ, a doctor named Huang said, "After my check-up, the baby is about 38 weeks old." He said, "Everything seems normal." When he asked reporters about the 17-month pregnancy Dr. explained Huang, it was not possible for him to say anything about it because the documents that could prove this are missing. "All documents were created according to the patient's statements," said Huang.

Longest pregnancy lasted around a year
According to a report by the British “Mirror”, the longest pregnancy to date has lasted just over twelve months. According to this, the American Beulah Hunter gave birth to a baby in 1945 after 375 days.

The fact that women have an unborn child in their bodies for far longer than nine months occurs in exceptional cases in the so-called ectopic pregnancies that develop outside the uterus. These can sometimes lead to the fetus - sometimes unnoticed - dying in the womb and remaining there. For example, about two years ago an Indian woman was reported, in which doctors removed the skeleton of a fetus that she had worn in her body for 36 years. (ad)

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