Studies: Coffee consumption determined by genes?

Studies: Coffee consumption determined by genes?

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Our genetic makeup determines how much coffee we drink
For many people, morning coffee is a normal way to start the day. But there are also people who drink a lot of coffee all day long. How does it actually depend on how much coffee we drink every day? Researchers found that our genetic makeup affects how much coffee we actually consume.

If we slept badly at night, we often need a coffee to wake up. Does our amount of sleep affect our entire daily coffee consumption? The University of Edinburgh researchers found that our genetic makeup determines how much coffee we consume every day. The experts published the results of their study in the scientific reports.

Coffee wakes you up and is healthy
The caffeinated hot beverage is made from roasted and ground coffee beans. There are many different types of preparation. Coffee is grown all over the world. Many people drink coffee to wake them up or just for enjoyment. "In recent years, there has been increasing evidence that coffee also has great health benefits," the researchers say. Because coffee is healthier than most people think.

Coffee consumption can protect you from illnesses
Regular coffee consumption is said to protect against severe heart damage. Coffee also stimulates the intestinal flora and can even lower the risk of colon cancer. If people drink a lot of coffee (six cups or more), the increased coffee consumption reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis by 30 percent.

Finding a connection between coffee consumption and our genes
Experts have been studying the genetics behind our cravings for coffee for a long time. In 1962, they discovered for the first time that our drinking habits of coffee are determined by our genetic makeup. "Even recently, large-scale studies have been looking for a link between the amount of coffee consumed and our genes," say the scientists.

Researchers discover the gene variant PDSS2
The scientists actually discovered a special gene variant in their study. “This seems to determine how much coffee we drink. The genetic variation called PDSS2 causes people to drink at least one cup less coffee a day compared to people without this variation, ”the authors report. The researchers found this when examining more than 1,200 Italian test subjects.

PDSS2 inhibits the processing of caffeine
The presence of the PDSS2 gene probably inhibits the body's ability to process caffeine, experts suggest. As a result, those affected would need less coffee to get a strong stimulant effect from the caffeine. “The caffeine simply stays in the body of people with PDSS2 for a long time,” the scientists add.

Examination of over 1,700 Dutch people confirms the results
To check their previous assumptions, the researchers examined an additional group of over 1,700 people from the Netherlands. The results were similar, but the effect on the cups of coffee drunk was somewhat less. "Larger studies are needed to reliably substantiate the results," the researchers explain. However, the experts are certain that for the first time they have uniquely identified a gene related to coffee consumption.

Your genes are the driving force behind your coffee consumption
Many people think they drink coffee against their tiredness. However, coffee has no effect after a few nights with little sleep. "Our drive to consume coffee already seems to be in our genes," summarizes the author Dr. Nicola Piratsu from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. (as)

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