Deodorant spray as a drug: 15-year-old ends up in the hospital

Deodorant spray as a drug: 15-year-old ends up in the hospital

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15-year-old uses deodorant spray as a drug and ends up in the hospital
In Bernau near Berlin, a 15-year-old used a deodorant spray as a drug and had to be taken to a hospital. Sniffing deodorant gas can have serious health consequences. It killed a young girl last year.

Deodorant sniffed
In Bernau near Berlin (Barnim district) in Brandenburg, a 15-year-old sniffed a dangerous state of health with a deodorant spray. According to media reports, a walker noticed the adolescent on a dirt road on Saturday and informed the emergency doctor.

Adolescent had to vomit several times
The young man was lying on the floor, vomiting several times and was unable to get up on his own. Forces of the Barnim police and the emergency services looked after the youth, who could still explain to the rescuers that he had sniffed deodorant to get intoxicated. He was taken to a clinic.

Inhaling deodorant gas can be dangerous
Experts have long warned of the risks posed by solvents contained in the deodorant cans. Inhaling a lot of deodorant gas can lead to life-threatening disorders of the cardiovascular system. Inhalation can also cause loss of consciousness and respiratory paralysis. There is also a risk of suffocation due to lack of oxygen.

Deodorant death
Deospray is a dangerous entry-level drug, especially for young teenagers, because it is available everywhere, legally and costs little. At the end of last year, two girls from the city of Bühl in the west of Baden-Württemberg sniffed the deodorant spray until they passed out. In March 2015, a 13-year-old girl from Schleswig-Holstein died after sniffing deodorant. (ad)

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