Studies: Umckaloabo effective against respiratory infections

Studies: Umckaloabo effective against respiratory infections

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The pelargonium special extract EPs® 7630 is clearly superior to placebo in acute respiratory infections. This has resulted in a meta-analysis of 13 studies with almost 3,400 patients. Studies have shown that the ingredients in Cape Geranium activate the immune system, have expectorant properties and help against cough and runny nose.

Scientists have now taken a closer look at the effect of a special root extract (pelargonium extract EPs® 7630) on its effects in diseases of the respiratory tract. To do this, they included 13 studies in their meta-analysis. The study populations were of different ages and suffered from either acute bronchitis, sinusitis or tonsillopharyngitis. The studies were all double-blind and tested the pelargonium special extract EPs® 7630 (Umckaloabo®) against placebo.

Patients with acute bronchitis benefited significantly more with verum than with placebo: 20% of the patients were symptom-free with plant extract on the seventh day, with placebo it was only 5%. At the time, 84% of the verum group were able to work, compared to 51% of the placebo group.

Patients with rhinosinusitis also benefited from therapy with the pelargonium extract. The headache had completely disappeared on the seventh day in 17%, only 3% with placebo.

Those with sore throat were 40% symptom-free when administered on the fourth day, compared to 28% with placebo. The swallowing difficulties had disappeared on day 4 in 57% of the patients, or in 28% with placebo administration. You can find the study here. (pm)

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