Gummy bears contaminated with cannabis - 14 students in the hospital

Gummy bears contaminated with cannabis - 14 students in the hospital

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14 students end up in the hospital after consuming gummy bears
In the United States, 14 students with various symptoms have been hospitalized. All of them had previously eaten gummy bears that had probably been prepared with marijuana. The school encouraged parents to encourage their children to make “healthy choices”.

Gummy bears possibly prepared with marijuana
In Chicago, 14 students were taken to a clinic after consuming gummy bears that may have been marijuana-prepared. As the Naperville North High School reports on its Facebook page, those affected felt sick and uncomfortable. "All students had different symptoms of different forms," ​​the school writes. Twelve of those affected were treated for symptoms such as dizziness, rapid heartbeat and dry mouth.

Candy was covered with a liquid
A spokesman for Edward Hospital said, according to CNN, that the doctors suspect that the symptoms were caused by marijuana. However, the police must confirm whether this is really the case.

Students reported that the candy was coated with some liquid. Two of the twelve students stayed in the hospital for observation.

"We encourage parents to have conversations with their children to make healthy decisions," the school writes.

Health complaints from drugs
Marijuana is usually smoked, but sometimes consumed through food. Among other things, the drug is drunk with cocoa or used as an ingredient in biscuits and cakes.

But whether cannabis products are smoked or eaten, they can lead to health problems such as nausea, rapid heart rate, hallucinations or poor circulation.

Recently, several men and women in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania had to experience this. After eating a chocolate cake enriched with cannabis oil, the four people had to be treated in the hospital. (ad)

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