Always take the sick seriously: how to deal with the depressed properly?

Always take the sick seriously: how to deal with the depressed properly?

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Tips for dealing better with depressed people
Depression is so widespread that it can long be called a widespread disease. Nevertheless, some people feel insecure when it affects who in the family or friends. Experts have some tips on how to deal with depression.

Depression has long become a widespread disease
Depression has long been a common disease worldwide. In Germany alone, around six million people are affected within one year, according to health experts. In addition to the treatment, which is usually done with medication and psychotherapy, it is extremely important for those affected to be taken seriously. Experts have even more advice on how to deal with depression.

Illness is not always easy to spot
As experts in the S3 guideline / National Care Guideline "Unipolar Depression" explain, the illness "Depression" is not always easy to recognize, it often remains undetected.

Certain, longer-lasting symptoms suggest that there is a depressive illness. “This includes, for example, a depressed mood, loss of interest and lack of drive. Depressed people often find it difficult to cope with everyday tasks or to concentrate. In addition, they suffer from strong self-doubt and tend to ponder, ”says the guideline.

Those affected have a lower self-esteem, fear of the future, sleep disorders, little appetite and other physical complaints such as gastrointestinal problems or a feeling of pressure in the throat and chest.

In the long term, depression can promote type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.

In addition, sick people often lose not only the desire to live, but also the will to live. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that suicide and suicide from depression will be the second leading cause of death in 2020 in the world.

Take depressives seriously
Depression is traditionally treated with medication (antidepressants) and psychotherapy. But sport also helps against depression.

It is also very important for those affected how their personal environment behaves. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with sick people, experts have summarized a few things that friends or relatives of sick people should consider.

As the Medical Center for Quality in Medicine (ÄZQ) explains in a new patient information, it is most important to take the patient seriously and to have understanding. In addition, you should encourage your friend or family member - just as you would do for any other illness - to seek professional help.

How relatives can help the sick
"Many depressed people are afraid to be considered" crazy ". Make it clear that such fears are not justified, ”writes the ÄZQ. Nobody is to blame for the disease, the causes are diverse, it can affect everyone.

Activities can help those affected. Small businesses such as walks together or listening to music bring joy to everyday life. A conversation can also do you good.

The ÄZQ points out that sick people will sometimes reject their relatives or friends. "But this is not aimed at you as a person, but is due to the disease. The other person is not always able to accept your suggestions, ”said the experts.

In the patient information, friends and relatives are advised to inform themselves about the disease and to prepare for the fact that the treatment takes time. It is also important that the helpers - despite the illness of the friend or family member - take care of themselves and, for example, do not neglect their hobbies and interests. (ad)

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