New Year's Eve bang: Böller tore off two fingers of a man

New Year's Eve bang: Böller tore off two fingers of a man

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Fireworks exploded: Böller loses two fingers
For a 28-year-old man in Berlin, the New Year's party had run before it even started. The night before, he lost two fingers while handling firecrackers. Experts repeatedly warn of injuries caused by pyrotechnics.

Fireworks injuries
Although experts point out the dangers of New Year's Eve fireworks every year, there are numerous injuries and burns at the turn of the year. This is also the case in Berlin, where a 28-year-old lost two fingers of his right hand to a firecracker the night before New Year's Eve. But he's not the only one for whom the New Year's Eve party was over before it even started.

Body parts blasted off
Hours before the turn of the year, several Berliners were seriously injured with fireworks. As reported by the dpa news agency, the Berlin accident hospital, which specializes in injuries caused by firecrackers, took in four people with serious injuries, including a child, until Saturday morning.

A spokeswoman for the clinic said that in all cases the patients had either blown off body parts or had been injured by fireworks so severely that they had to be amputated.

Böller lost two fingers of his right hand
In addition, a 28-year-old lost two fingers on Saturday night. As the police announced on Saturday, the unauthorized fireworks detonated immediately, which the man had ignited on the open bedroom window.

“The force of the explosion also caused the window panes to burst. The apartment tenant suffered additional cuts from flying glass parts. He came to a clinic for inpatient treatment, ”says a message.

When the apartment was inspected, the police later found other firecrackers that were secured. (ad)

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