Ginger, honey, onion: the most effective home remedies for cough

Ginger, honey, onion: the most effective home remedies for cough

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Onions, ginger and Co: home remedies for cough
By switching between the cold air outside and heated rooms, you can easily catch cold symptoms like cough. The complaints can usually be alleviated with simple home remedies.

Alleviate cough with natural home remedies
The cold season not only ensures cool temperatures, but often also coughs. This is annoying and not easy to treat. It often takes more than two weeks for it to disappear completely. Not even antibiotics help to shorten the duration. However, coughs and other colds can be alleviated with natural home remedies.

Thyme and ivy work well
Those who literally don't want to just wait and drink tea can try vegetable juices, explained Prof. Andreas Michalsen, chief physician of the naturopathy department at Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin in a message from the dpa news agency.

"The effects of thyme and ivy are well documented," says the doctor. "Of course, even the cough that heals over night." However, it could shorten the duration a little and alleviate symptoms, Michalsen explained.

This is also confirmed by the guideline of the German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine (DEGAM), a kind of guideline on which doctors orient themselves.

The effectiveness of ivy in coughing was only recently confirmed in a study, DEGAM reported.

Ginger and hot spices help
In addition, various home remedies for cough are available to those affected.

"Sharp substances such as horseradish, cress, onions or ginger help against cough," explained Michalsen. It doesn't matter how you prepare the miracle bulb, whether it's mixed with honey as a juice or ground into powder.

You can also use the herbs and roots to prepare a mixture to rub on your chest. "Ginger and hot spices should not be left too concentrated and left in for too long," warned Michalsen. "Otherwise there could be burn-like skin irritations."

Beeswax pads and honey
The cough of children should also be alleviated by natural means. According to Michalsen, beeswax toppings have proven their worth here. You can warm this up with a hair dryer on your chest.

In addition, honey, stirred into tea or a glass of milk, half an hour before bedtime can relieve cough at night.

For both children and adults, the general rule is that those affected should go to the doctor if the cough persists for more than three weeks or if there is a fever. (ad)

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