Winter vegetables rich in vitamins: Delicious kale protects us well from diseases

Winter vegetables rich in vitamins: Delicious kale protects us well from diseases

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Trendy vegetables: There are many healthy ingredients in kale
Kale is particularly popular in northern Germany. However, winter vegetables are also coming onto the plate more and more frequently in other regions. The cabbage is full of healthy plant substances that protect against diseases. Due to the high vitamin C content, kale can help protect against colds in the wet and cold period.

Healthy local vegetables
Especially in winter, the vitamin C intake is particularly important because of the more frequent colds caused by the wet and cold weather. Local vegetables such as kale are just as healthy here as exotic superfood. Hardly any vegetable contains so many vitamins, minerals and trace elements in such a balanced composition. The winter vegetables, which are served primarily in northern Germany, have blossomed into a true trend vegetable in recent years.

From classic to trendy vegetables
Traditionally, kale or kale - as the healthy vegetable is called in the USA - is usually cooked with sausage, bacon or smoked pork. A classic dish is "kale with piss", to which a heavily smoked and seasoned pork sausage is often served.

But the cabbage is not only hearty, it can also be prepared easily and deliciously. For example in the form of a bright green kale sauce or as an exotic side dish.

The vegetables also taste great as a salad, with pasta, marinated or fried in oil. Even kale chips are now available.

The cooking blog of the “New York Times” lists over 200 Kale dishes - both hot and cold dishes and smoothies.

Healthy ingredients
Kale is rich in provitamin A, B vitamins, folic acid and vitamin E. Most of all, it contains a lot of vitamin C - more than white cabbage, red cabbage or savoy cabbage.

In addition, the cabbage vegetables contain healthy secondary plant substances that have an antioxidant effect and can lower cholesterol levels.

There is also scientific evidence that kale has an anti-inflammatory effect and lowers the risk of cancer. According to a study by the University of Oldenburg and Jacobs University in Bremen, this cabbage contains significantly more cancer-preventing substances than other varieties.

Over 50 types available
Depending on the species, kale grows with dark green, bluish or reddish-brown, curly leaves that do not form a head.

At the University of Oldenburg, a working group is concerned with kale research. "Over 50 different varieties of delicious cabbage are currently available on the market - and they differ not only in their leaf shape, but also in their ingredients, their taste and their growing conditions," says the website of the university.

The leaves are edible after the first frost and are particularly tasty because part of the starch they contain has been converted into sugar.

However, caution is advisable for people who take blood thinners such as Marcurmar because kale contains high amounts of vitamin K, which promotes blood clotting and thus counteracts the medicines. With larger quantities (from 200 grams), the dosage of the medication would have to be adjusted accordingly in advance in order to avoid possible life-threatening complications. This applies to all blood thinners based on so-called phenprocoumone. (ad)

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