Strange emergency: woman must go to the emergency room with a snake by the ear

Strange emergency: woman must go to the emergency room with a snake by the ear

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Whimsical emergency: woman with a snake by the ear to the hospital
In the United States, a teenage girl was hospitalized with a snake stuck to her ear. Since she posted pictures of the mishap on Facebook, her case is currently circulating worldwide. In the clinic, the young woman was freed from the python.

Adversity with ball python
The fear of snakes is widespread. Some people also keep the reptiles at home. Accidents sometimes happen, and in some cases snake bites can be fatal. A young woman from the state of Oregon also recently experienced an unpleasant mishap with her snake. The 17-year-old Ashle Glawe had to go to the hospital with her royal python "Bart" stuck to the ear.

Snake got stuck in ear hole
According to media reports, the young American from Portland had apparently tried to take a selfie with her pet. However, the python snaked into the stretched tunnel ear hole of the youngsters and got stuck.

"I immediately froze," Glawe told CNN. She spoke of her fear: "If it snakes my earlobe will split." The snake didn't attack its owner, but "pythons like to hide in holes," says Oregon Live.

Firefighters could not help young people
According to her own statements, the young woman had tried to get her pet out of the Ohloch herself. When this did not clap, she informed the fire department, who could not help her either.

She eventually went to the hospital emergency room. There doctors numbed her ear and removed the snake.

Pet and owner in good condition
Before she was separated from her pet, she took some photos showing how the king's dangle dangles from her ear and posted the pictures on Facebook, where they have been circulating ever since.

"It was one of the craziest moments of my life so far," writes Glawe. "It all happened so quickly, before I even knew what was happening, it was too late." According to media reports, both the beating and the owner are now in good condition. (ad)

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