Delicious, healthy and warming: typical stews with beef

Hot soups and hearty stews are in high season in the frosty months. In our latitudes, there is an indispensable part of diverse creations with beef: classics such as the Gaisburger Marsch, green bean stew or grandma's barley stew, but also very individual leftovers can awaken the spirits and give new energy.

The preparation without additional fat is particularly low in calories. In addition to boiled fillet, beef breast and high rib are particularly suitable for cooking. These sections are pithy and have fine veins. So they stay nice and juicy when cooking.

First the meat is diced. To do this, you should always cut across the grain, at least at an angle. Sliced ​​meat loses more juice during preparation and is difficult to chew later. The meat cubes come in salted, boiling water. As soon as the cut surfaces look gray, you just let them cook. For unclouded enjoyment, the protein foam must be skimmed off in good time and, if necessary, several times.

Alternatively, meat from the upper or lower shell is used, for example. For this, meat cubes are briefly seared all around in a little heated fat, then quenched with liquid and braised in a closed pot at temperatures around the boiling point. This method of preparation is somewhat more substantial. But some may not want to do without the delicious roasted aromas that arise when seared.

Whether cooked or braised - all the valuable contents that the beef brings with it are preserved in the soup or in the stew. This applies both to water-soluble vitamins and minerals, which are released from the meat during cooking, and to the aromas. They can also be emphasized and refined with spices. Great partners in beef stew are white and black pepper, nutmeg, chilli, garlic, bell pepper, oregano, laurel, rosemary, thyme, lovage, allspice and juniper berries.

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