Study: Regular endurance training with an antidepressant effect

Study: Regular endurance training with an antidepressant effect

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Preventing depression: endurance training has an antidepressant effect
Depression has long been a common disease worldwide. They are usually treated with medication and psychotherapy. But physical activities can also help against the mental illness, because sport works like antidepressants.

Best in daylight
It is well known that regular exercise keeps your body fit and healthy and you can also lose weight. Endurance training has another advantage: it can be used to prevent depression. According to experts, people who are at risk should best train in daylight.

Sports against depression
According to the German Depression Aid, over five million people in Germany develop unipolar depression that requires treatment. These diseases are "among the most common and most underestimated diseases in terms of their severity", the experts write on their website.

Depression is traditionally treated with medication (antidepressants) and psychotherapy. Research has shown that sport also helps against depression.

Moderate endurance training
For example, you can prevent mental illness by jogging slowly. And even people who are already affected - from a depressive mood, winter blues (winter depression) or depression - can counteract this with moderate endurance training, reports the news agency dpa.

Cora Weber, chief physician of the department of psychosomatics at the Berlin Park Clinic Sophie Charlotte, said in the agency report: "We know from scientific studies that 30 to 45 minutes of endurance training helps three to four times a week against depressive symptoms."

According to the expert, the pulse rate should be around 120 beats per minute.

Drive away negative thoughts
According to the doctor, jogging is so good because the person affected is also in daylight.

"There is a nerve pathway that transmits light from the eye directly to the brain," says Weber. As the psychotherapist explained, hormones are released that help to drive away the negative thoughts.

For those who cannot jog for health reasons, the doctor recommends getting on the bike. (ad)

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