DM drugstore brand: recall due to bacteria: Balea Cream Soap Buttermilk and Lemon Balea Cream Soap Buttermilk

As a precaution, dm is calling back the “Balea Cream Soap Buttermilk & Lemon 500 ml”
The trademark “dm” recalls “Balea Cream Soap Buttermilk & Lemon 500 ml Balea Cream Soap Buttermilk & Lemon 500 ml”. According to the manufacturer, an “increased number of bacteria could lead to health problems. The recall, however, is precautionary. In individual cases, the bacterium “Enterobacter gergoviae” has been detected. Inflammation could result from existing injuries. Consumers can return the product to all dm stores for a refund of the purchase price.

As a precaution, dm-drogerie markt is recalling the article "Balea Cream Soap Buttermilk & Lemon 500 ml". Only the goods in batches 637541 and 637542 with the best before date (BBD) 06.2019 are affected. This information is easy to see on the bottom of the bottle. The refill packs of the "Balea Cream Soap Buttermilk & Lemon 500 ml" are not affected.

Reason for the warning and the recall: Due to occasional consumer complaints and subsequent checking by the manufacturer of the product, contamination of individual bottles with Enterobacter gergoviae can be assumed. With regular contact, this can lead to an infection with this germ, for example in the case of existing skin injuries.

Our customers are requested not to use the product with the above-mentioned batch number and the best before date and to bring it back to the dm stores or to dispose of it. The purchase price will of course be refunded.

The quality of our products is our top priority. We regret the incident and apologize to all customers for the inconvenience. (sb / pm)

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