Daily fruit and vegetables make the skin look younger and much more attractive

When we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, our skin looks more attractive to our fellow human beings
Some people simply look more attractive to their fellow human beings than other people. But why is this effect? Researchers have now found that consuming more fruits and vegetables makes the skin look more attractive.

The researchers at the University of Newcastle (UON) in Australia found in their study that eating fruit and vegetables leads to more attractive skin. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Australia Journal of Psychology".

Participants should make the skin color of faces more attractive on a computer
The new study has refuted the myth that young adults attribute health and attractiveness exclusively to facial skin tanned by the sun, the experts say. As part of the study, participants were asked to manipulate the color of 50 different faces on a computer so that they looked as healthy and attractive as possible. Three different experiments were later carried out with the manipulated faces.

Consuming fruits and vegetables leads to the most attractive skin color
The results of the study show that the participants generally preferred a skin color that was associated with an increased intake of fruits and vegetables, the doctors say. Actually, one would have guessed that sun-tanned skin looks the most attractive. But this was not the case.

Carotenoids cause healthy skin coloring
The participants associated the healthy appearance with the coloring by so-called carotenoids, explains author Kristine Pezdirc. These plant substances are generally considered to be health-promoting and give many plants and fruits their yellow to red color. If you want healthy, shiny skin, you should eat lots of fruits and fruits, Pezdirc adds.

Skin tanned by the sun looks healthy, but involves risks
Human skin color is influenced by the three pigments hemoglobin, carotenoids and melanin. Many young adults in Australia perceive the skin color from sun tanning (melanin) as healthy. However, the sun-tanned people have an increased risk of developing skin cancer because they often use adequate sun protection, explains the author.

Further research required
Pezdirc hopes that further studies on a broader population group may help young adults to change their behavior in relation to sun exposure and nutrition in the future.

Promote fruit and vegetable consumption
Young adults consume the lowest amounts of fruits and vegetables compared to consuming them in other stages of an adult's life, the experts explain. The impact of eating fruit and vegetables on appearance and attractiveness could be used to increase fruit and vegetable consumption at this age, the scientists continued. Young adults should ideally eat around five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit a day, adds Professor Clare Collins from the University of Newcastle. (as)

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